Let’s Think Hockey!


ThinkBeef.ca has partnered with Halli Krzyzaniak, a member of the Canadian Women’s Hockey Team. Time to show Halli all about the goodness of beef, simple cooking skills and how to ‘cook once, eat twice’.

We asked Halli just what recipes she was interested in learning to make? Here’s what she said:” I really like these recipes from www.canadabeef.ca:

• Braised Beef Short Ribs: I love Korean BBQ and the beef short ribs in the marinade they use is my absolute favorite meal of all time. I would love to learn how to cook short ribs so that I could try to replicate that at home.

• Classic Roast Beef: As discussed on the phone, I’ve never made a roast beef. I’d like to learn how so that I could put that into my meal rotation.

• Slow Cooker Pulled Beef: I’ve only ever had pulled pork, and I think this could be a good alternative some days.

• Frying Pan Steak: I don’t know if this is on the website, but I’ve always wanted to learn how to properly cook a steak using a frying pan.

• Basic Beef Burgers: I’ve never actually molded burgers from ground beef. This is another skill I would like to add.”

We’ve also come up with a cool set of Recipe Cards to start off your cooking collection. Check them out in our RESOURCES section under Recipe Cards.

Here’s some events with Halli that are coming up fast:

OCT 30 – SKATE TO THE PLATE: Join Facebook Live to catch up with Halli as she faces off with meal ideas that help her power up for performance.


DECEMBER 5TH WINNIPEG – WITH HER FAMILY AND A TEAM: A favourite beef meal memory? They barbecue steak for all the high holiday meals – Tenderloin for Thanksgiving, Christmas & Easter! I just love sitting down with my family for a really nice steak dinner instead of turkey. It’s something that makes my family different and I love it.

March 2018 – TRAIN THE TRAINER – Dr Sharma meets up with Halli and Chef Oliver Lee and a BFO Dad/Mom hockey team



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