We teamed up with the Team Homan curling team: three-time Canadian national champions, world champions and 2018 Olympians, Rachel Homan (skip), Emma Miskew (third), Sarah Wilkes (lead), and Joanne Courtney (second).

The last few years have been challenging for Team Homan as both Rachel and Joanne embarked on their greatest challenge to date – they both became first-time moms!

We captured their journey in a 3-part video series from getting ready for baby to introducing the babies to their first solid foods. Check it out at Babies at the Table –oh so cute!!

Get inspired in the kitchen with all the members of Team Homan as they share videos of delicious beef meals at Team Homan: Cooks!

As baby grows into a toddler nutrition needs change. Follow along as the Team Homan while they cook up new recipes incorporating iron-rich beef. See how easy it is to create ‘grown-up’ dinners while at the same time making food for all stages of baby at Team Homan: Toddler at the Table!