Get inspired in the kitchen with members of the Team Homan curling team, while they cook up new recipes incorporating iron-rich beef. See how easy it is to create ‘grown-up’ dinners while at the same time making food for all stages of baby.

Check out Joanne of Team Homan and her toddler son Alex as she cooks up iron-rich Garlic Herb Steak & Potato Skillet Dinner.

Follow along as Rachel and her toddler son Ryatt create delicious Beef Tenderloin with Grilled Vegetables and Creamy Presto Quinoa.

Joanne cooks Beef & Tomato Skillet with Cheesy Cornbread, a simple meal that’s delicious for adults and iron-rich for growing toddlers.

Everyone loves pasta. Follow along as Rachel makes Three Cheese Lasagna with Spinach which is delicious and iron-rich!

Joanne talks about her journey from bringing a new baby home to worrying about the growing nutritional needs of an energetic toddler.

Joanne's feature

Rachel takes us through the journey to introduce Ryatt to solid food and all she has learned along the way.


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