Beef: a force of nature that offers 35 g protein/100g serving.1

Beef is a food that contains “mostly protein.” The protein in beef and other meats is what we call ‘complete’, meaning it contains all the essential amino acids that humans need for health. Plant-based proteins, on the other hand, do not, and only contain “some protein.”2 This makes meat more “efficient” at delivering the protein your body requires. Additionally, research shows that protein can help keep you feeling full longer.

Digestibility (bioavailability) is generally better in animal-based proteins compared to plant-based proteins. Animal-based proteins from foods such as meat, milk and eggs, generally have high digestibility; more than 95%.

Meanwhile, protein digestibility of protein foods such as whole grains, legumes, or pulses tends to be lower, around 80 to 90%. Some plant-based proteins have lower digestibility, in the range of 50 to 80% due to plant cell walls and anti-nutritional factors.

Did you know? Protein:

  • Helps build and repair body tissues
  • Helps build antibodies
  • Helps build strong muscles

When it comes to meal-planning, the try to spread out your protein foods throughout the day and aim for 20-30g of protein per meal.

1 Health Canada, Canadian Nutrient File, 2018. Food code 6172, beef, composite cuts, steak/roast, lean and fat, cooked. 100g serving size chosen as per Government of Canada’s Nutrition Labelling – Table of Reference Amounts for Food, section L.6
2 Source: Dietitians of Canada

How Beef Stacks Up

When it comes to getting enough protein, it’s important to carefully choose your protein source. Check out the charts below to learn more about which foods contain the most protein. Try to choose foods from the “A Bit More” and “The Most” categories more often!

Source: Health Canada, Canadian Nutrient File, 2015, Beef 6172, Almonds 2534, Peanut Butter 6289, Hummus 4870, Black Beans 3377
*Table of Reference Amounts for Food:

Protein + Healthy Aging

Aging well is a challenge. When combined with an active lifestyle, higher level of protein intake may thwart muscle loss, improve bone health, and enhance nutritional status in individuals as they grow older.

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Protein More is Better

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