Air Fryer

This new appliance is a great way to cook steak or burgers if you don’t have a barbecue. Flavourful, juicy and crusted – mmmmmm…

Baby at the Table Meals

Is your baby starting to eat solids? Cook these all family-meals, complete with instruction on how fast-adapt the recipes for the youngest at your table.

Big Batch Beef

Why cook small when you can cook BIG. These recipes help you cook for a crowd OR make a big batch to stock your freezer.

Bone Smart

Healthy bones are the foundation to good health, and sound nutrition is a key component to bone health and in managing osteoporosis. is proud to partner with Osteoporosis Canada to help develop these Bone Smart recipes. Healthy bones. Healthy life. Visit Osteoporosis Canada at

Cook Smart Strategies

Lots of tips with recipes to make cooking more efficient and easier: Make Ahead, Big Batch, Loving Leftovers, and more.

Cooking 101

Perfect for teachers or someone wanting to run a cooking class for kids, these beginner recipes were developed for classes starting at the Grade 5 level.

Cooking by Degrees

Chefs from Canadian colleges and university got cooking with beef and developed these recipes that were featured in campus student dining facilities.

Dine-in with Veal

Recipes that you’ve tried or wanted to try while dining out can now be  enjoyed at home with this classic veal recipe collection. Some of the titles may sound too fancy to prepare but these recipes are surprisingly easy to make.

Explore the World of Beef

Celebrate the culinary diversity of beef as it is enjoyed at tables around the world.

Fall & Winter

Cozy up with beefy dishes that fuel the body and feed the soul.

Ground Beef

We all need more recipes that use ground beef: Canada’s favourite Meal Maker.

Guest in Our Kitchen

Favourite recipes are ones that are passed on from friends and family. See what our guests have cooked up for

Healthy Plates

More than meat, these recipe make the whole meal. Inspired by Canada’s food guide healthy-plate image of whole grain, powerful protein (a.k.a. beef) paired with lots of veggies, these recipes demonstrate how beef belongs on your healthy plate.


Get packing with recipes that are good when you’re on the go!


One of the easiest meals to make, roast beef cooks without any fussing. And leftovers are a blessing – you’ll see!

Spring & Summer

Finally here? The season to enjoy cooking and dining outdoors brings beef to your table in al fresco pot lucks, backyard barbecues, cottage cooking, garden salads and more.


Smiling yet? Steak just brings on the happy-dance! Lots of recipe ideas to up your steak-game.


Hunker down with a hearty braise that takes advantage of some of most flavourful cuts of beef.


Beef Cooking Tools

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