Prized throughout culinary history, veal is a cornerstone of classic dishes across many cuisines. Saltimbocca, Piccata and Osso Buco are celebrated veal dishes revered at fine dining restaurants, while Schnitzel, Veal Sandwich, Toutiére, Meatballs and basic Liver & Onions are more common place.

Lean veal is a red meat that is unique for its inherent tenderness, delicate flavour, light colour and fine texture whether it is a roast, chop, cutlet or stewing cut. Rich in protein and dense with nutrients, veal can make a significant contribution to the wellness of you and those you love.

Take advantage of veal for your home kitchen. As an unexpected option at the dinner table, veal makes an ordinary meal just a bit more elegant.

Veal Backgrounder

Veal is typically not graded.  Since the internal marbling you find in beef is basically not present in veal, there is no quality grading score assigned to veal.

Both milk-fed and grain-fed veal, are available at grocery stores and butchers.  Both types are lean and work well in dishes from grilling to braising, depending on the cut.

Milk-fed veal: light pink in colour, very tender with a subtle flavour.

Grain-fed veal: darker rosy pink tone with white fat if any. It is also very tender but with a mild beef flavour.


As a highly nutrient dense food, veal can make an important contribution to the food security and diet quality of Canadians.

Cuts & Cooking How-to

With many cuts of veal to choose from, veal is enjoyed grilled or pan-fried, roasted or braised, and more. So many options to make memorable meals.

Here's how...
Dine-in with Veal

From upscale restaurant dining to your favourite deli, DYK that some of the classic recipes you see on menus are made with veal?

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Looking for more Veal recipes? Check out our booklet collection to read online, print or order.



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