See how beef belongs on your plate:

It’s a fact: very few foods can match the nutrient density of beef. The beef you love delivers a concentrated nutritional punch for a moderate number of calories. It can’t be disputed that beef provides vital nutrients that humans need – complete protein and one of nature’s best sources of iron, zinc and B vitamins – just as nature intended.

Beef has nothing added – no fillers, no binders, no colours, no preservatives, no water – nothing.

Naturally delicious. 100% beef!

See just how beef 'steaks' its claim

Per 100 grams cooked beef: 250 calories, 35 g protein, 10 g fat, 0 g carbohydrate

Based on 100g Cooked Beef, Health Canada, Canadian Nutrient File, 2015. Food code 6172. % Daily Values calculated based on Health Canada’s 2016 Nutrition Labelling Table of Daily Values.

Satisfying. Nourishing. Delicious. Comforting.

That’s why #beefbelongs. The one and only beef.


Beef Cooking Tools

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