If you think the burger is just junk food – think again.


An all-beef patty has a lot going for it! Here’s how the basic burger patty stacks up:

Burgers are often misunderstood

Calorie for calorie, a beef burger is a delicious way to power-up, providing the essential nutrients like iron, zinc, B vitamins and protein. Beef is an excellent source of protein, and like all meat, it is a complete protein with all the amino acids humans (like you) need. With 1 single natural ingredient: beef. No fortification or fabrication required.

Who knew? About half the fat in beef is monounsaturated – the same type of fat found in olive oil!

Choose your company wisely

Lighten up your burger meals by choosing better-for-you sides, drinks and toppings:

• Instead of fries, cherry tomatoes, sweet pepper strips, carrot or celery sticks

• Skip the pop – go for water or milk

• Choose flavour-rich, not calorie-rich condiments – try mustards, hot peppers or salsa

• Try lettuce wrapped burgers or go or a whole wheat bun or skip the bun lid and eat your burger ‘open faced’

Why not try some of these delicious recipes:

Blended Sliders

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