Mood-boosting comfort foods may lower stress during challenging times


Uncertainty and upheaval in our everyday lives, can take a toll on our routines, relationships and physical and mental health. Many of us turn to food for comfort, as evidenced by the surge in sales of staples like meat, flour and eggs at the beginning of the pandemic.

The idea of ‘mood food’ could be due to biological drive. Research, published in Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition1, found meat plays an important role in our mental health. The study found clear evidence that those who avoid eating meat tended to have higher rates or risk of depression and anxiety compared to those who include meat in their diet.

Celebratory meals like roast beef dinner or hearty beef bourguignon can help lift our spirits by being attached to memories of comfort and special occasions.  Perfect for a grey or blustery day, this delicious Tuscan Short Rib recipe is a great way to warm up both heart and soul, especially when shared with friends and family – even if just over a Zoom call.  Just click to go to the recipe! 


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1Urska Dobersek, Gabrielle Wy, Joshua Adkins, Sydney Altmeyer, Kaitlin Krout, Carl J. Lavie & Edward Archer (2020) Meat and mental health: a systematic review of meat abstention and depression, anxiety, and related phenomena, Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition,

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