This is not medical advice. Always follow the advice of your health care provider. If you have concerns about your iron levels, discuss it with your doctor.

What nutrients do you need more of during pregnancy?

Everyone needs a nutritious diet, but when you’re expecting a child, what you eat becomes even more important. The quality of your diet can affect your growing baby, and your own nutrition needs increase, too.

Good to know: All the nutrients in orange are found in beef.2

Why focus on iron?

Iron is vital for a healthy pregnancy—for both mother and baby.3 According to the World Health Organization, low iron is the only nutrient deficiency that remains prevalent in industrialized countries today.4 Recent Canadian research shows iron deficiency is more common in Canada than we thought.5
Many Canadian women of childbearing age are not getting enough dietary iron

During pregnancy, iron needs jump by 50%

Some pregnant women may need more iron than others. Talk to your health care provider to find out how much iron is right for you and how to manage the side effects of iron supplements.
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Research spotlight

Recent Canadian research shows eating beef is the strongest dietary predictor of iron status in women.10 Ideally, aim to eat a variety of nourishing animal and plant-based foods containing iron each day.
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When planning meals, the type and amount of dietary iron matters.

Five ways to boost your iron

  1. Eat a variety of iron-rich foods from both animal and plant sources at most meals.
  2. Prioritize foods with well-absorbed heme iron (meat, poultry, seafood).
  3. Boost the non-heme iron you absorb from plant sources by pairing them with meat, poultry and seafood and/or foods that contain vitamin C (e.g., broccoli, red peppers, citrus fruits, potatoes).
  4. Wait 1 to 2 hours after a meal before drinking tea or coffee or taking calcium supplements. These can interfere with iron absorption.
  5. Prepare foods in cast-iron cookware. Moist, acidic foods cooked slowly will absorb the most iron from the cast iron. Try chili, stew and spaghetti sauce.

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