The amazing-ness of beef is craved everywhere, at the heart of memorable dishes across many cultures. At tables in every configuration,  people savour the satisfaction that beef provides. The love for beef has no borders. Come. Explore.

The One & Only Beef. 


Come (Air) Fry with me.

– Andrea Buckett

A classic combination, this air-fryer version yields juicy hamburgers and crispy fries. The bonus of cooking hamburgers in the air fryer is that you can set them and forget them. No need to flip them and you still get an evenly cooked burger, every time.


Come Bowl with me.

– Jason Lee

Prepare this iconic Korean beef bulgogi bowl in just about 30 minutes! Ground beef is the highlight of this sweet and savoury recipe that cannot be beat. Served with spicy kimchi, refreshing cucumbers and a runny fried egg, this dish is the perfect all-in-one meal for any day of the week!


Mingle in Marrakesh.

– Chef Erica Karbelnik

Take your palate on a culinary adventure to Morocco with this ras el hanout flank steak pita. Made with flank steak and packed with Moroccan and Israeli flavours and fresh herbs, this dish is dressed to impress.


Keep on Kheema.

– Michelle Peters Jones

Beef hits the streets – the streets of Mumbai that is – with this street food favourite. Come try this and have your own taste-travel experience.

Looking for meals that fit your time, household, and cravings?

Check out these quick, easy and crave-worthy meals that are fit for you!

Pastrami-crusted Braised Short Ribs

Spice up your next special dinner with these pastrami-crusted braised short ribs. This dish combines two classics: the flavours of a pastrami sandwich with tender, juicy short ribs.

Beef Tartare with Fattoush Salad

Give your traditional beef tartare a super-fresh and approachable Mediterranean twist by pairing it with delicious fattoush salad with a light and citrusy sumac dressing.

Kofta Shakshuka

Made with lean ground beef koftas, this kofta shakshuka will step up your brunch game in the most delicious way.

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