The amazing-ness of beef is craved everywhere, at the heart of memorable dishes across many cultures. At tables in every configuration,  people savour the satisfaction that beef provides. The love for beef has no borders. Come. Explore.

The One & Only Beef. 


Slooow Cookin

– Julie Miguel

“Beef brisket has become popular so this cut of beef is now easier to find at your local grocery store. You can easily cook for a crowd on a smaller budget.”


Crush these Ribs.

– Chef Erica Karbelnik

Spice up your next special dinner with these pastrami-crusted braised short ribs. This dish combines two classics: the flavours of a pastrami sandwich with tender, juicy short ribs. Need we say more?


Easier than Oragami.

– Jason Lee

Dumplings can seem like a bit of a challenge, but this one used purchased wonton wrappers and a dead-simple filling where the big flavour of beef is the star.


Aways be Ballin’

Pailin (Pai) Chongchitnant

Pailin combines her love for cooking and her devotion to Thai food to teach authentic Thai cooking using real ingredients like beef! These meatballs would be great to serve with the Curry Sauce for dipping as an appetizer or in the bowl of sauce with steamed rice for dinner.

Looking for meals that fit your time, household, and cravings?

Check out these quick, easy and crave-worthy meals that are fit for you!

Greek-style Sheet-pan Steak Dinner

Roasting your meat and vegetables all in one pan makes for an easy, complete steak dinner with little clean up. Greek salad dressing is a smart shortcut to add instant flavour oomph.

Southwestern-Style Braised Steak

Speedy to put together, this recipe uses a simple 3-ingredient sauce to simmer a budget steak to fork-tenderness. Adjust the spiciness by picking your preferred level of ‘heat’ in the salsa. 

Tikka Masala Beef Skewers

This quick and flavourful recipe for Tikka Masala Beef Skewers is a great way to try something new in the kitchen. The subtle spice from the curry paste is cooled off with the Raita yogurt sauce making for a perfectly balanced dish.

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