Beef & Lentil Salad for Baby


Did you know that Health Canada now advises that first solid foods for infants be iron-rich? By about 6 months of age, baby should be served meat, fish, poultry, or meat alternatives daily. Read more about the Canadian Guidelines here

Why? Baby needs iron for optimal brain development and growth. At 6 months baby’s iron stores are depleted so a food source is needed. Beef is one of nature’s best sources of iron.

It’s easy to transform a simple ‘Mom & Dad’ meal into a nutritious meal for baby. Let’s start out with STEP 1 – making this delicious recipe for Beef & Lentil Salad.

Get the full recipe by just clicking here…

Now on to STEP 2, see how you can easily adapt this “Mom & Dad” meal into meals for baby by downloading this great resource. Just click!




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